There are Soul-led leaders, visionaries and changemakers all across the globe struggling to do the work that truly lights them up.

The work that deep down, they know they are destined to do.

They follow what all the gurus are saying that they should do, and they spend thousands in learning all the latest tools and techniques.

But, they still struggle to manifest what they want. So they try harder, do more, give more - hoping that one day they will be recognised for what they have to offer.

Instead, they are trying to do everything that they have been told and  eventually they are exhausted just trying to make sense of what to do next. It creates confusion, self-doubt and lack.

Even worse, they start to question whether what they want - what they belief is their purpose - is even possible for them…


It’s Time To Be Your Best Self 

With one-on-one guidance and support, you've found a safe place to dig deep and nurture your inner self.



My Signature Program

Connecting you with your unique Soul Strategy.


My signature program is based on nearly 2 decades of research, personal experience, and working with hundreds of high-achieving women.

This program is designed so that you find complete confidence and clarity about your role as a Soul-led leader, and make the shift into your new identity as a visionary and changemaker.

You'll learn how to leverage the 3 pillars of transformation to align to and unfold your Soul Purpose and Path. We will:

  • Discover your Soul-aligned roadmap and strategy, and your unique message that you are here to share with the world.
  • Identify and heal the core wounds that are holding you back from making the impact you are here to make.
  • Develop a deep connection to your inner self and become a powerful creative force in your life.
  • Align your mind, body and soul¬†and¬†release old patterns that no longer serve you.
  • Master how to take appropriate aligned action to bring your vision to reality.



The 3 Pillars of Transformation


Consciousness is defined as awareness with choice. The same is true of transformation.

Transformation is not about collecting more information. It is about bringing a new awareness to what we are doing, why we are doing it, and whether we want to continue doing it.

The 3 pillars of transformation underpinning that process is:



Enhancing our ability to consciously respond to circumstances


Upgrading the subconscious drivers of our actions and choices


Creating certainty that we are making the right choice for ourselves

"Working with Marli was an integral part of helping me step into my power and build internal confidence. I had known my entire life I was special, but I needed some guidance on translating that into real life. Her advice illuminated my soul's purpose - I feel such relief seeing it come into view."

- CP

"I am in a place where I feel that I am empowered to create my true life now.

Your trust and belief in what is possible encourages the same in me.

I am truly grateful for the fact that you shared your knowledge with me and have helped me to keep building on the knowledge of the universe." 

- MM

Committed to

Getting Results


You are a whole person, and you spent decades becoming the person you are today. That's why you need a holistic solution that considers every aspect of your life. You are not going to get meaningful change by only addressing the surface issues.

This is a comprehensive approach that addresses all aspects of who you are, to get you the best results in the shortest amount of time. I combine a number of different modalities (including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual techniques) to help you create safe and sustainable change.


This system works. It not only integrates many healing modalities and tools, but there are also very practical, step-by-step actions that help you shift your daily reality whilst sky-rocketing your consciousness levels. You not only get the tools, but you also learn how to access the answers from within, build your intuition and the inner trust that gives you unshakable confidence in every decision you make.

No longer will you look outside of yourself for guidance, but you will develop a deep inner knowing that will change your life forever.

"Marli helped me understand myself on a new level. Her guidance helped clarify many habits and tendencies I have been repeating. I no longer compare my journey to everyone I meet - I am on my path, and it feels divine! 

The internal knowing has helped me find grace for myself and others around me. We are all meant to change the world in our own way - Marli helped change the trajectory of my impact on the world!"

- JM

"I discovered old patterns that wasn't very functional in creating the future I wanted.

Now I can see what's going on in my own energy before going into automatic behaviour, and that's so helpful. 

What this work does is give a lot of agency, and a lot of self-empowerment to take on your issues. It allows you to be released.

I can choose now what to do and how to go forward in a powerful way.

Everyone should do this work - it is food for the soul.

- EU

What this will require from you

This work is not for everyone. This is an intensive, immersive experience that will transform you at the deepest levels. 

Personal Responsibility

We go through many situations in our lives that are painful and challenging, and it is easy to blame those people, situations or environments for our current circumstances.

The key to changing our trajectory is not to remain in a state of victimhood, but to claim back our power.

Only when we take radical personal responsiblity are we able to change the trajectory of our future.

Doing 'the work' 

The content has been meticulously crafted around proven processes that has taken decades to perfect.

It includes numerous tools and techniques to help you master your emotions and your energy. 

Whilst there are major shifts that will happen quickly, this is a lifelong journey.

This works, as long as you are willing to use these tools and integrate what you learn into your daily life.

Leave your comfort zone

The concepts sit at the intersection of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development. It incorporates many different modalities, perspectives and ideas.

You don't have to have any particular beliefs, and you don't have to accept everything you learn. You just have to be open to exploring the opportunity that there may be a new way of thinking that just might make the biggest difference in your life. The choice is yours.


Are you ready for your breakthrough? Watch now to find out how this has worked for others and how it can work for you too!


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