Hi, I'm Marli

My greatest gift is being able to see the highest potential in everyone.

I've always been able to see the best in everyone, and lead people to achieving their highest potential.

But that was always at the expense of myself. 

Growing up, I was conditioned to do what was right for everybody else, to follow the rules of working hard, getting a good job, and doing everything 'right'. So I followed what was expected of me, and got the jobs I was expected to have, and tried to fit into the version of me that everybody else saw. The version that I had been taught was true.

The problem is, I was miserable. I never felt that I fit in to the environments around me, and I had to work oh so hard to achieve the bits of success that came to me. Nothing came easily, and I was in a constant loop of over-giving and people-pleasing, with very little to show for my efforts. Sure, by external standards I was successful, but it came at a huge personal cost.

And yet, I never questioned what I had been taught. I only questioned myself, and spent years trying to heal myself and feel better about myself.

A Call for Change

But even after years of personal development work, nothing made me feel like I was succeeding and happy. I felt like I was living someone else's life in my soul sucking, cut-throat corporate job.

The only part I loved was when I was working with people to help them develop and grow, but sadly those opportunities were limited in my 15-hour days...

All I wanted was to be recognised for what I did and who I was. To be seen for who I really was.

But that just got me taken for granted, in virtually every single area of my life. I was bending over backwards to meet people's expectations to the point of breaking.

The harder I tried, the worse it got. My mental and physical health suffered a severe blow, and I came to a full-stop. I couldn't do it any more.


A New Path

If you are on the wrong path, the Universe will send you a sign to wake you up and get you onto the right trajectory.

Mine happened during a personal development workshop in 2005 – I was lucky enough to receive an incredible spiritual experience that words cannot do justice.

As the facilitator said ‘we are all connected’, I got to experience that connection first-hand.

Everything around me, including myself, disappeared in that moment. All that was left was an incredibly bright light composed entirely of unconditional love. In that moment I realised that there is no separation. That the ONLY thing in the Universe was LOVE.

It only lasted a moment, but it was the most profound experience of my life. It changed everything for me.

Unconditional Love


I wanted to experience that feeling again. So I started searching for it.

I started looking for answers in places I had never allowed myself to go before.

Places I had closed off to myself in order to fit in.

Throughout my life I have always felt different. I have always felt drawn to the esoteric. To the higher purpose of the Universe. But I had always suppressed that because of how other people reacted to it.

It was in my search that I found the meaning of what I was going through. Why I had suppressed my true self.

What I discovered about myself is that I had a gift.

A gift that wanted to be seen. A gift that was time to be brought into the light.

That allowed me to show up in a different way. And for the first time in my life, everything felt right. 

As children we were fascinated by magic.


As adults we fear love.


At what point did we forget

they are the same thing?

J.R. Rogue

My Healing Journey

It was over 18 years ago when I first had that spiritual awakening, and I have immersed myself in my healing and ascension journey ever since. It has become my passion, and as I have since discovered, my Soul’s Destiny.

The journey opened a doorway to learning about who I truly am, and I have had some of the most incredible moments of rediscovering my deepest truths, and seeing exactly how much magic we are capable of creating with the right tools and mindset.

It’s taken a long time of setbacks and breakthroughs to finally find true happiness. I wish I had someone who could have guided me through it. But I was able to do it – first for myself and then for my clients.

And what I know without any doubt is that it is possible for anyone.

Finding My Purpose


Finding out who I truly was at a Soul level, outside of the conditioning of my past, and discovering an entirely new way of being and living, was not only empowering beyond anything you can imagine, but it was also incredibly scary!

It required stepping into the unknown, into a new level of possibility that is so far and beyond anything I could have ever dreamt of for myself.

But the courage it takes to go on that path is more than made up for by the magic and miracles that I now realise we can create in our lives if we are willing to open up to our true Divine nature. The version of us that is the highest expression of who we came here to be.

I could always see that higest version in others. I now see that in myself too, and having gone through that journey is such a gift. There is nothing better than allowing yourself to accept the truth of who you really are. What you came here to do. Who you were always meant to be.

I have found my true self. It has been lifechanging, and there is nothing in the world that I value more than that process. This is the same process that I now share with people, and it is such an honour to help people through their own journey of discovery. It is what I was always meant to do, and I am finally living my REAL life.

My Values

I take this work seriously.  It has made an unbelievable impact on my life and I want to share it with the world.

But there are certain values that are incredibly important to me in doing this work that I will not compromise on for anything.

This is deep transformational work and you should trust the person that you are opening the deepest parts of yourself to. This is my ethics and the code I live and work by.


Love is not only the fundamental building block of the Universe, it is also my most important belief.

Love and compassion for ourselves, for others and for this journey we call Life.

Unless we can love all the parts of us and others, including the shadow parts we don't want to acknowledge, we cannot be fully complete and whole. 


Our words have creative power. What we say matters.

I stand by my word and I will always strive to be honest and upfront in what I say, no matter how hard it may be. 

There is no higher form of respect than truth, and I expect complete honesty and integrity in all my communication.

Continuous learning

The more I learn, the more I realise how much I have left to learn.

I have made a deep commitment to opening myself up to continual growth. Learning new ideas, thoughts and cutting edge techniques, but also learning from my clients.

There is an infinite number of possibilities that we are not even aware of yet.