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The 3 simple steps to Embrace your Soul Purpose and Make an Impact

Hosted by Marli Luyt

The NEW Soul-Aligned Strategy My Spiritual Entrepreneur Clients Use to Find their Unique Niche, Discover their Authentic Voice and Connect with their Ideal Clients

(without spending a lot of money trying to find the perfect business or marketing strategy)!

In this Masterclass, we will:

  • Put you on your path to becoming a spiritual leader and show you that you indeed have a purpose to fulfil in the world as a powerful changemaker. 
  • Understand the energetics behind finding your unique, aligned niche... And how the clients I work with easily attract the Soul work that is right for them, based on their own individual Soul Blueprint.
  • Discover the one key element that differentiates those who are successful and being rewarded for it vs. those who are still struggling.
  • Discover the missing piece that is holding you back from becoming the leader you were meant to be, and the simple steps my clients use to break free from their old patterns of struggle and doubt.
  • Understand why it is never a good idea to rely on 'the experts' to teach you the business strategy and steps to take to start doing your Soul Work. You will learn that you already have everything you need inside of you when you operate from your Higher Self.
  • AND, why these changes are absolutely required in order to make the impact you want to make in the world.

Meet your Host

Marli Luyt


Marli is a thought leader, teacher and way-shower in the area of self empowerment and feminine leadership. 

Her own  transformation journey started nearly 2 decades ago with a profound experience that changed the course of her life. As a result of the incredible shifts in her own life, Marli started combining her very practical approach with the latest cutting edge tools and techniques in personal and spiritual development, and has developed a unique approach to help women  find their purpose and become a leader to make the impact they are meant to make in this world.

Since then, she has helped hundreds of high-achieving  women across the world step into their full potential and create real purpose, empowerment and fulfillment in every area of their lives.