Here's what happened when my clients booked a call

After just one session, Eli saw incredible shifts in her life. She sent me the following message: "I got a lot out of the session and I was just saying to a friend that, lately I have been in a state of quiet despair and resignation and I was left with this sense of clarity and hope. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

6 months later she was offered voluntary redundancy from a job that wasn't aligned any more, and with the payout she was able to purchase a beautiful coastal property where she is creating a wellness retreat (something she had dreamed of for years).

Jane quit her job to pursue her dream of finally writing the 2 books she had been unsuccessfully working on for 10 years. She received a grant for these books immediately. In addition, she has healed her chronic health issues and quit smoking.

"I'm definitely feeling clearer on what I'm doing now and the direction I'm healing into. Feeling like I'm about to spread my wings really. And I know for certain the next few months will be crazy and transformational, so that's pretty exciting"

Emma spotted some patterns that wasn't very functional and healthy behaviour. "Now when I see it, I go check what's going on in my own energy before going into automatic behaviour, and that's so helpful. 

I could just see the resistance to the patterns that were holding me back, and once I did the clearing it was really emotional because I could feel a real release.

What this work does is give a lot of agency, and a lot of self-empowerment to take on the issues. It's it's like being trapped, and this allows you to be released. I can choose now what to do and how to go forward, and that's a lot of fun.

Reconnecting and remembering about the world beyond our bodies also gave so much meaning to me. Everyone should do it - it is food for the soul. 

I can feel my connection to the world come back. My ability to feel connected to myself and others is so much greater, by so much more.

The word bliss is overused, but I'm not only feeling good, but there is a bigger space for feeling good now".